Bail Bonds Service Centre ALAll it takes is a split second for your life to change.  Maybe it’s one more drink at the bar, getting behind the wheel and taking the long way home. And then, BAM! You hit another car, the other driver is taken to the hospital and you’re handcuffed and loaded into the back of a police cruiser.

When you’re under arrest, you need someone on your side.  You needs a bail bonds service company you trust.  You need Rush Bail Bonds on your side.  We’re here to help.  Pick up the phone and call us today at (256) 286-1075!

Bond Service When You Need Us

There’s never a good time to get arrested.  This is why you need us to be available every hour and every day of the week. We dedicate our lives to improving your life.  This isn’t just a business for us.  Our deep passion for helping people drives us to be the best bail bonds service company in Centre, AL.  One call to our qualified and professional bail services and you will know why we’re the best in the region.

When you need help, we will answer your call.  In fact, we will begin the process of posting bond as soon as you call Rush Bail Bonds. But first, we need a few key pieces of information: your full legal name, where you’re currently booked into jail and your inmate number.  If you are unable to call or provide this information, ask a family member for assistance.

Get Bailed Out of Jail In Centre, AL

How quickly you get out of jail depends on what you’re charged with and how much cash you have readily available.  Often if you’re charges include a misdemeanor or a traffic infraction, a deputy will release you from jail on your own recognizance.

This means you will not have to pay a bond, however you must promise in writing you will appear at future court proceedings.  However, if your charges include a felony , such a armed robbery, you will sit behind bars for longer than expected.  You will not find a better bail bonding service than Rush Bail Bonds.

Before you post bond, you will head to a first court appearance where a judge will determine how much you must pay to get out of jail. A judge determines bail based on several factors, including criminal history, character, employment status and community ties.  A judge will also consider whether or not you will pose a risk to the public if released from jail.

When determining bail, a judge will reference the guidelines set forth under state law.  Once bail is set, you can pay cash or work closely with a bail bonds service company in Centre, AL.

Paying For Bail Bonds Service

You have several options when it comes to posting bond.  If you have the cash available, you can post your bond directly to the court house or the sheriff’s department in Centre, AL. Even if you have the cash, many families find they can’t afford to have a large sum of money tied up until the case reaches a resolution.

If this  your situation, call a bail bonds service company in Centre, AL for advice and help on your specific case.  When you work with a bail bonds service company you only need to come up with 10%-15% of the total bond amount. For example, if your bond is set at $25,000, you will pay between $2,500- $3,750.  In addition to the non-refundable fee, you will also need a co-signer and collateral.

Centre Expectations

Once you’re out of jail, you need to be on your best behavior and follow the specific terms of your release.  For example, if you’re charged with assaulting someone, a judge typically requires the defendant to stay away from the victim. If you violate your bail or fail to appear in court for your hearings, you will  be re-arrested.

If you’re booked into jail again, you will have a much more difficult time posting bond again.  Bottom line: be a model citizen and stay out of trouble! Stay in close contact with your bail bonds service company to make sure you know when your next court hearing is scheduled.

If you’re in trouble and need help right away, call Rush Bail Bonds in Centre, AL.  With three locations across the state, we guarantee to have someone on your side regardless of where you are! Call Rush Bail Bonds today.  Our professional and licensed bail bondsmen are ready to take your call.  Pick up the phone and call us today at (256) 286-1075!