Bail Bonding Service Centre ALBail Bonding Service Centre, AL.  It’s late and you suddenly hear a knock on the door.  It’s the police department and there’s been an arrest.  Your son is in jail, facing charges for drunk driving and vehicular assault.

Before you panic and rush to the jail, call Rush Bail Bonds in Centre, AL.  As one the most reliable and professional bail bonding service companies in the region, our bail agents have the experience and knowledge to get your son out of from behind bars as quickly as possible.

When Can I Speak To My Loved One?

When a criminal suspect is arrested and booked into jail it may be several hours or several days before you will speak to your loved one.   In a time of crisis, every hour will feel like an eternity.  We understand exactly how you feel.  This is why our bail bonding service company works around the clock on your specific case.  Yep, that’s right.

Our licensed and insured bail bonding agents work 24/7, 365 days a year to get our clients, just like your son, out of jail and on with life.  Typically an inmate is allowed one phone call within a couple hours after an arrest.

If your son or loved one calls you, it will ring through as a collect call from the Madison County Jail in Centre, AL.  If you choose to accept the phone call, you will be connected with your son or love one in a matter of a few seconds.  If you have yet to hear from your son, you can always call the jail and schedule a visit.

Centre, AL Bond Time Frame

As a professional  bail bonding service company, we work hard to get your son or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Even though we’re the  best in the bail bonding business, there are some circumstances out of our control impacting when an inmate will post bond.

For example, if you son is charged with an exceptionally violent or heinous crime a judge may not allow him to post bond because he may be considered a threat to the community.  However, if your son faces less serious charges, bail may be set within a reasonable range.

Bail is basically an insurance policy with the court system to insure the defendant will appear at future court hearings.  Depending on the crime, bail is set during the booking process or during a first court appearance.  This hearing takes place within 24 hours off an arrest.  A judge determines bail based on several factors including criminal history, community ties and employment history. Typically the more serious of crime, the higher the bail.

Bail Bonding Service Cost

Getting a loved one out of jail doesn’t have to break the bank.  When you work with a bail bonding service company, posting bond becomes financially feasible for most families.  You have several options when it comes to posting bond.  If you have enough available cash, you can post bond directly to the court system in Centre, AL.

If you don’t have the cash but you own a home, you can post a property bond.  For more information on property bonds, please visit the Cherokee County Sheriff’s  website:   You also have the option to hire a licensed, professional bail bonds service company.

When you hire an bail bonding company, you pay a service fee which is typically 10%-15% of the total bail amount.  You’ll also need a co-signer and some form of collateral.  Rush Bail Bonds accepts all forms of collateral including bank accounts, jewelry, boats, cars and property.  Basically, if an item or account is valuable, it is collateral.

We need collateral to pay for bail in the event a defendant skips town or fails to show up in court.  Once all three elements of our bail bonding service contract are satisfied, our bail services work swiftly to get your son or loved one out of jail.  We offer flexible payment plans to make posting bail as easy as possible for you.

Call Rush Bail Bonds in Centre, AL right now!  Our professional and courteous bail bonding agents are standing by ready to help you at a moments notice. We know there is never a good time to be arrested, so we’re available to take your call.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.